Sunrise Church McMinneville

Sunrise Church in McMinneville absolutely loves their new site.  Their first time guests repeatedly tell them that it was their website that drew them to visit their church.  They are a traditional church so we tried to showcase this in the verbiage we used.  However, we gave them a profession feel by using a theme that showcases some of the photogenic sites their great city has to offer.

They are also impressed by how easy it has been to learn WordPress.  We created their initial site using the photos and information they gave us.  They keep their site up to date and all of the events, sermon info, etc.

Work Done:

  • Site Creation
  • Yearly hosting


We couldn’t be happier with our new website.  Brad’s work was comparable to a local designer.  He charged us a quarter of the price!  His support is top notch.  He is available to answer any questions we have

Bill Wilton